Friday, 08 January 2016 09:40

Joke of the Week 1/8

Our first 2016 Joke of the Week winner is Kimberly Malachowski of Fairlawn for The Works from any of the three Klaben Auto Stores.

God is visiting Pittsburgh and made a special visit to a woman who was a Steelers fan; he told her she must change, or she'd wind up in Hell. God told her she must give up smoking, especially the cigar stubs she picks up in the Heinz Field parking lot after games; also no more drinking, and especially not more unmarried sex with her boyfriend, Jim.

She said she would try her best. A month later, God visited the woman to ask how she was doing.

"Not bad," she replied. "I've given up smoking and drinking, but yesterday I bent over to get some stuff out of the freezer and Jim couldn't control himself, and we made love right there."

"They don't like that in heaven," God responded sternly.

"They weren't too happy in Walmart either," she admitted.

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