Thursday, 31 December 2015 09:43

Joke of the Week 12/31


The last Joke of the Week for 2015 comes from Tom Ferguson of West Salem for the Klaben Auto Works Package!

During a recent Pittsburgh Steelers home game, Ben Roethlisberger takes a shot to the head & stumbles to the sideline. With the new NFL concussion protocol, the team doctor must clear him before he can go back into the game. So, the doctor gives Ben a field test. First, he asks him "What is 3 + 5?" Ben answers "17." All the Steelers fans groan and start shouting "Put Ben in, put Ben in!" So, the doctor asks him another question "What is 14 - 3?" Ben answers "6." Again, all the Steelers fans groan and plead "Put Ben in, put Ben in!" So, the doctor tells Ben "This is your last chance, I will give you one more question to see if you are fit to play. What is 3 x 3?" Ben answers "9." Now the fans really started screaming; "Put him in anyway!'

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