Thursday, 24 December 2015 10:24

Joke of the Week 12/24

Our pre-holiday Joke of the Week comes from Klayleene Mantz of Akron -- who scores The Works from Klaben!

Steeler Jim was celebrating his new job at the fire station and his new marriage; while on their honeymoon in Pittsburgh he informed his bride there would be a new system at home, and they would function like a fire station. "At one bell," he said, take your clothes off. "At two bells," he continued, jump into bed. "At three bells, we start fooling around."

So one day Steeler Jim came home and decided to try out his system. "One bell," he shouted. They both took off their clothes. He hollered "Two bells!" and both jumped into bed. "Three bells," he screamed, and they started fooling around like crazy.

A few minutes later, she cried "FOUR BELLS!!!!" Steeler Jim stopped..."FOUR bells? What's four bells?"

"Let out more hose," she yelled, "you're nowhere near the fire!"

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