The Family Car

The Joke of the Week: thanks to Ray Collins of Akron!

Little Johnny sees his family's car drive by, and inside are his father and Aunt Jane. They drive into the woods.

He follows, and watches. He goes home and starts telling is Mom what he saw.

"I saw Daddy hugging and kissing Aunt Jane, then he helped her with her shirt and she helped him with his drawers..." but his Mom cut him off and said "why don't you continue that story at supper tonight? I'd love to see your Dad's face."

So, at supper that night, Johnny tells his story: "I saw you and Aunt Jane drive into the woods. You started hugging and kissing her, then you helped her off with her shirt and she helped you with your drawers. Then I saw you and Aunt Jane do just what Mommy and Uncle Bill did when you were in the Army."