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Akron Weather

Akron, OH, United States

30°F, Windchill: 22°F
Wind: 9 mph W
Humidity: 63%
Visibility: 0 mi
pressure: 30.15 in falling
Sunrise: 7:43 am
Sunset: 4:58 pm

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Win this with Jeff Kinzbach this week!
14 Dec 2014 13:00

All this week on the Jeff Kinzbach Morning Show you can win tickets to see WWE Live, the Road to Wrestlemania at the Canton Civic Center Sunday February 8th. We have family 4 packs to give away for First Night, Akron’s New Years Eve celebration.  Plus you can win tickets to Hotel California, a salute to the Eagles at the Akron Civic Theater on Friday January 9th!  Set your radio to 97.5 each morning and we will rock you awake!

New Browns Fans in Texas!
13 Dec 2014 12:30

Ever since Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones fired coach Jimmy Johnson and started running the team himself...Cowboys fans have not been happy.  Jerry has managed to build a huge stadium and get himself a face-lift.  Fans just want a good team!  Johnny Manziel is from Tyler, Texas.  That is about 2 hours east of Dallas.  This week they showed their support buy putting up a billboard on the Loop in Tyler.  It's a very heavily traveled area!  You got to love it!!  (click on Jeff Kinzbach at the top of the page then on the title)

You want concert tickets?
07 Dec 2014 12:46

All this week, on the Jeff Kinzbach Morning Show, you will have a chance to win tickets to see the Moody Blues in Concert at EJ Thomas on April 7th!  Set your radio to 97.5 and we will rock you awake!

In Case You Missed Bob Seger or Want to Remember It!
06 Dec 2014 13:24

Check out the WONE Facebook page for some great photos of the Bob Seger concert as seen thru the lens of our own Justina Bucceri!   https://www.facebook.com/wonerocks

Next Week on the Jeff Kinzbach Morning Show!
05 Dec 2014 19:14

     Next week on the Jeff Kinzbach Morning Show you can win tickets to see comedian Ron White at the Canton Palace Theater.  Ron is a very funny guy and has toured with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy!

How you can get a free t-shirt!
01 Dec 2014 16:45

How can you get a free Jeff Kinzbach Morning Show T-shirt?  Easy, just send us a joke and if we read it on the air during Laughter at Quarter After in the 8am hour you win!  Email those jokes to: \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Joke of the Week wins "The Works" from the 3 Klaben Auto Stores!

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Joke of the Week: the picture has nothing to do with the joke!

Written by Super User. Posted in Joke of the Week

Chad Kalka's got our Joke of the Week and full disclaimer: no, the photo has NOTHING to do with the joke. Jeff and Ed just liked it.

So this big city Chicago lawyer's duck hunting in rural Wisconsin; he gets one but it falls behind a fence on private property in a farmer's field. He hops the fence to get it but the farmer drives up on his tractor and asks him just what he's doing. "I'm getting my bird," says the lawyer. "Well, not on my land," says the farmer. The lawyer says he's a high-powered attorney and he knows how to get what he wants. The farmer suggests a local tradition, the three-kick rule: they each get to kick each other three times until one surrenders, leaving a winner. The lawyer looks at the old farmer and figures he can take him.

The farmer gets to start: kick one from his steel-toed work boots (that's why we like the photo) goes right to the groin, dropping the lawyer. Kick two goes to the nose, nearly breaking it. Kick three to the kidneys, making the lawyer scream. But he staggers, ready for his kicks, when the farmer looks as says "Awww...I surrender. You win."

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